About Us

What we do

Zubix Security Pty Ltd is an Electronic Security services company.

We combine Security services with project management to deliver solutions that transform the way different organisations run their security.


Our capabilities

Zubix has a record of accomplishments in CCTV and Access control solutions, our capabilities and experience allow us to fit in all parts of any project. From design and implementation, into handover and operations.


How is Zubix Security different?

Our business focus, experience and proven project management lifecycle approach distinguish us from other electronic security companies. Our technology background and product familiarity allow us to ensure the correct product to suit your needs and budget.


Business Focus

We are a CCTV consulting and electronic security services company but we have a business focus. We solve business issues with technology solutions. By providing focus and simplifying the end result, we deliver solutions efficiently and effectively.



We understand the value of experience. We share what we learn: we share it within our team and embed it in our practices. So the next time we do something similar, we do it based on lessons learnt. Our customer solutions benefit from the knowledge and expertise gained from varied assignments across diverse industries.


Proven lifecycle approach

At Zubix Security, a structured approach to all of our services ensures we effectively manage projects to deliver an appropriate, dependable and lasting outcome. We assist customers over the entire project and operations lifecycle, and we customise our approach to meet their specific needs.
That means we can assist with solutions from vision and strategy, through design and implementation, into operation and ongoing support.


Our Team

Zubix Security has a team of dedicated professionals with all staff exceeding five years’ experience in the industry.
All Zubix management and technical specialists hold tertiary vocational qualifications at master, bachelor, diploma, certificate or competency-based levels, in accordance with the Australian Qualification Framework. In addition, our people enjoy ongoing, regular industry and technology specific training to maintain and enhance their skills.
The team draws on experience in delivering service in our core business areas. Zubix Security’s management team has over 10 years’ experience in successfully delivering services to government, non-profit and commercial business clients.
So, you can see that Zubix has skilled professionals who implement solutions using internationally recognised best practices in close partnership with our clients. The full resources of Zubix are dedicated to ensuring that every engagement is successful.